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Our home and decor articles cover a wide range of topics related to home design, such as interior decorating, furniture selection, and home renovation tips. They provide readers with practical advice on how to create a comfortable and visually appealing home, as well as tips for organising and decluttering their living spaces.

Grey living room with window concept curtain and garden view

Windows and Door trends in 2023

A well-fitting front door will prevent cold draughts, and create a welcoming entrance to your home. Natural wood grain is a classic choice, polished in any shade from light to

home decor less is more

Dos and Don’ts of Home Décor

A handy guide to the basics of decorating and styling your homeWe’re used to seeing tons of “before and after” shots of home renovations, whether in magazines, on TV makeover

bedroom trends 2023

Bedroom Trends Summer 2023

This year’s most significant bedroom trend can work with any sense of style, you just need to create a ‘retreat’. After a few years of being confined to quarters, we

realistic elegant bathroom with bath

Eight ways to update a bathroom

The best bathrooms combine two very different functions: briskly functional to get you started in the mornings, and a luxurious haven in which to relax and recharge. An out-of-date bathroom,

3 ACR Stoves NEO 3P ECO Woodburning Stove s2530 6751812

A warming wood burner

Our essential guide outlines what to look for when buying a new stove.  On long, dark days there’s nothing nicer than curling up by a real fire and enjoying the


A Tale as Mould as Time

While we yearn over elegant, expressive and engaging interiors, it’s easy sometimes to forget that they are nothing without ensuring their preservation, with mould one of the biggest threats for


Five ingredients for a great hallway

By Katherine Sorrell   Combine practicality with good looks to create a welcoming entrance to your home.   As you step into your front hall, does it make you feel

under pressure

Under pressure

The pressure is on to find the best washer for your car, drive and patio.   The summer is almost upon us and the power washers are going to be


Home décor: home help

The interior design faux pas’ that are ruining your chances of getting a spread in Ideal Homes magazine.   When it comes to home interiors it can be difficult to

Are white walls still in style

Are white walls still in style?

White walls are a classic look, but are they still fashionable? Over the past few years designers have turned to darker shades, jewel tones and eye-popping neon, but if you

Ways to style your outdoor space

Ways to Style Your Outdoor Space

Whether you have a balcony or a backyard, outdoor space is often overlooked. It can be possible to use this extra room for all sorts of activities and extend your

kitchen trends

Kitchen Trends 2023

A kitchen is the hub of every household, whether you’re a gourmet chef or a microwave meal kind of cook. If you’re renovating or just reinvigorating your kitchen, this year’s

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