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Green Credentials


Our printers are members of the British Printing Industry Federation (BPIF). They are strong advocates for the reduction of industrial carbon emissions and actively source Green Energy - electricity and gas.
They are incorporated into the BPIF's Climate Change Levy Scheme. Government sponsored, the scheme rewards its members for using clean energy and focuses on methods to reduce energy consumption and waste.

ISO 9001:2015 (Processes) & ISO 14001;2015 (Environmental) certified they strive to reduce not only their carbon emissions but also harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC's). All waste materials are decanted into IBC's in their secure chemical waste storage unit ensuring chemical waste is contained and unable to leech into the water table. To do this they continuously monitor and refine their daily processes and are audited annually to ensure compliance.
Machine make readies are strictly controlled in another bid to minimise waste.

With the help of the Soil Association, FSC accreditation was achieved in 2013 enabling them to guarantee that all of the paper and board purchased from their merchants is sourced from ethically maintained forests, again we are strictly audited each year.

All of their inks are vegetable based, as is their anti-set off powder (starch) which is refined at the molecular level to maintain consistency and regulate particle size.
Our publications are printed on FSC certified paper. We encourage our readers to put our magazines in the paper recycling bin once they have finished reading it or it no longer want it.