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Senior Living

These articles cover a range of topics related to senior living, such as retirement planning, health and wellness, housing options, and social engagement. They provide readers with practical tips and insights on how to maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle in their later years, as well as advice on how to manage the challenges and transitions that come with ageing.

watching tv with hearing loss

Watching TV With Hearing Loss

Smart solutions for when you can’t hear the TV but everyone else canIf you have a problem with your hearing, even a mild one, everyday leisure activities such as watching

senior mobility

How to Boost Senior Mobility

There comes a point in everyone’s lives where we can no longer ‘get about’ like we used to. Whether we’ve been used to hopping in the car, walking down to

senior living at home

Senior Living – Happy at home

There are lots of ways in which seniors can continue to live a fulfilled way of life in the comfort of their own homes. Here are a few suggestions… When,

senior love

Finding Love In Later Life

The prospect of re-entering the dating scene in later life can seem daunting, which is perfectly understandable. It doesn’t matter whether it’s because you have been widowed, divorced, or have

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