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Taunton is a historic town located in Somerset, England. It is believed to have been settled in the 7th century by the Saxons, and played a role in the English Civil War during the 17th century. Taunton is known for its rich architectural heritage, with several historic buildings and landmarks such as the Taunton Castle, which dates back to the 12th century, and St. Mary’s Church, which features a striking 163-foot tower. Today, Taunton is a bustling town with a vibrant cultural scene and is home to a number of museums and galleries, including the Museum of Somerset and the Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre.

All articles are written by local historian Nick Chipchase.

taunton Van Heusen A R P 1940

Van Heusen A.R.P. 1940.

Van Heusen Shirts A.R.P. 1940. I used to buy factory second shirts at the factory. I think I paid three pounds each for them and you could never see the fault. 

Allens Chevrolet Show 1928 1

Allen’s Chevrolet Show 1928.

I had a nice set of Allen’s photos from Mr W.T.C. Stephens many years ago with a good deal of history of the company. This image shows the 1928 Chevrolet

The Country Mails c 1904

The Country Mails c 1904

The clock says ten past six so presumably an early start by bicycle out into the country. At this time Taunton’s main post office was in Church Square.

Bridge Street Taunton c 1904 Taunton Somerset

Bridge Street Taunton c 1904

This is a postcard by the Stengel Company of London but printed and artificially coloured in Saxony. Like so many good images this one originates in the “ Golden Age

Station Road Taunton c 1903 Taunton Somerset

Station Road, Taunton c 1903

This photograph shows Station Road in 1903. It was one of a set published by Wrench Ltd who published many well animated postcards between 1900 and 1906.

Bathpool Taunton c 1908 Taunton Somerset

Bathpool, Taunton c 1908

In 1908 Bathpool was outside the Municipal Borough of Taunton which lead to some interesting occurrences as we shall see.

Taunton And Somerset Hospital Taunton Somerset

Taunton And Somerset Hospital

The booklet was produced to mark the centenary of Taunton and Somerset Hospital 1812 – 1912. It contains numerous photographs.

London Hotel Car Rally Taunton Somerset

London Hotel Car Rally

This scene is from a postcard by Henry Montague Cooper. Not a rare card as it appears sometimes rather over priced on Ebay. The card was used by guests at

Hatch Beauchamp c 1905 Taunton Somerset

Hatch Beauchamp c 1905

The postcard featured came from Ebay recently as an unlocated view. It was taken outside the post office at Hatch and features a tradesman holding scales.

Gregory And Wren Chemist Taunton c 1908 Taunton Somerset 1

Gregory and Wrenn, Chemists

The photograph shows Gregory and Wrenn’s chemists at 15 East Street. They had another shop in Taunton in Bridge St. where the stamp shop is now.

The Staplegrove Inn Taunton Somerset

The Staplegrove Inn

“The Staplegrove Inn” is looking very forlorn now. It struggled on with poor parking amenities and few customers for a long while. I went there a while ago.

Galmington c 1905 Taunton Somerset

Galmington c 1905

I have lived in Galmington for some 40 years though now we think of the area as Comeytrowe. This image shows “The Galmington Inn” before its conversion.

The County Hotel c 1925 Taunton Somerset

The County Hotel c 1925

There are many images of The County Hotel from its days as The London Hotel around 1900. I have chosen this image as it shows the hotel in the mid 1920’s.

Staplehay c 1918 Taunton Somerset

Staplehay c 1918

This, to me, is the most remarkable image I have ever found. I was rifling through a stock at a London postcard fair when it came up. I will tell you why.

Electricity in Taunton Somerset

Electricity in Taunton

The history of electricity in Taunton is a long and complicated story so we shall just look at the era around 1900.

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