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Our gardening articles are useful resources for anyone interested in cultivating plants and maintaining a beautiful garden. These articles cover a wide range of topics related to gardening, such as plant selection, soil preparation, pest control, and landscaping. They provide readers with practical advice on how to grow healthy and beautiful plants, as well as tips for maintaining a garden that thrives year-round.

autumn leaves for winter

How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Autumn in your garden is all about picking up and packing down before the arrival of Winter. This is your opportunity to get rid of dead vegetation left over from

crab apple tree

Garden Trends Summer 2023

This summer ‘eco-friendly’ gardening is on the agenda. In the UK we have suffered the extremes of droughts and floods, milder winters and wetter summers. Nature has struggled to come


Back garden birdwatching

Share your garden bird sightings to contribute to a national survey. Here’s how… This spring we have spent a lot of our time in our homes and gardens and so,

log pile

Prepping insects for winter

In autumn the garden is seeming less appealing, but there are still vital steps we must take to help the insects and wildlife before we stop for our long winters


Know your garden friends

Charles Darwin, 1809, the man behind the theory of evolution, called them, “natures plough”, and spent his later years studying these creatures. He wrote a book about them, a best

autumn leaves

The power of leaves

Think of a world before man came along! Think of the trees and plants…no artificial fertilisers then, so how did trees and plants grow and grow, and not run out

kids planting a tree

Save the planet: plant a tree

Unless we understand WHY we should plant a tree, will we actually do it?  Probably not…too busy…. need to be convinced! SO…there are about 23 million gardens in the UK,

Top of the pots 1

Top of the pots

A solution for brightening up small to medium-sized gardens, with big potted flowers, shrubs or plants. Step forward the humble pot. These days, a large garden with an abundance of

Exotic plants for UK gardens

Exotic plants for UK gardens

What do we mean by exotic plants? It’s not unusual for those who love gardens to yearn for something that looks tropical or exotic. Why? Is it because these plants

Naturalistic borders including topiary at Chelsea Flower Show

Changing garden trends

The changing face of gardens The average garden has changed immensely over the last 50 years. In a physical sense, it has become smaller. But in more general terms, expectations

Early spring in the garden

Early spring in the garden

Spring-flowering plants – choose wisely The sap is flowing out in the garden. Peer closely at a few twigs and you will find buds galore. You can’t fail to have

No garden is maintenance free

Low-maintenance gardens

Ask anyone what their ideal garden would feel like and the phrase ‘low-maintenance’ will likely be high on the list. Maybe even ‘no-maintenance’ from those with little garden knowledge. Does

under pressure

Under pressure

The pressure is on to find the best washer for your car, drive and patio.   The summer is almost upon us and the power washers are going to be

Looking after your garden equipment

Looking after your garden equipment

Spring is all about growth, and gardeners are the first to notice the change in the season. Flowers, grass and hedges all seem to grow at a considerable rate once

Ways to style your outdoor space

Ways to Style Your Outdoor Space

Whether you have a balcony or a backyard, outdoor space is often overlooked. It can be possible to use this extra room for all sorts of activities and extend your

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