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Save the planet: plant a tree

kids planting a tree

Unless we understand WHY we should plant a tree, will we actually do it? 

Probably not…too busy…. need to be convinced!

SO…there are about 23 million gardens in the UK, if every homeowner plants a tree or even two…that would help to control…


The earth’s temperature is rising fast, increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in our air traps heat close to the earth, acting like a blanket around the planet, keeping the heat in. Carbon dioxide(CO2) does this because its structure holds heat far better than most gases.

We need to trap and remove more CO2 to cool our world, and fight climate change.

Trees are the ultimate carbon removers and storage units, they take in carbon dioxide from the air, break it down and store the carbon in their wood, branches, roots and leaves.

Hot off the press new research from London University, using state of the art scanning tools, has found that trees actually store up to around 50% more carbon than had previously been concluded in earlier studies.

So if Climate change and our future is your sole driver…get planting…now!


… through microscopic holes under their leaves. These gases come from traffic, industry, planes and fires and include very toxic substances including, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, sulphur dioxide.

Trees also trap particulate matter (PMs)…microscopic particles emitted from cars, and fires. Left in the air we breathe, these can travel deep into our bodies, and bloodstreams. Within our bodies they cause damage to the heart, lungs, and, it is now believed, they have the capacity to cause neurological (brain) damage to adults and even babies in the womb. Instead of these PM’s floating in the air where we breathe them in, the trees hold these particles on their leaves, branches and trunk bark, and they are later washed away into the soil, where they are broken down safely.

If you are lucky enough to have a very large tree close by, such a tree will remove about 70 times more pollution than a small tree.

If you want clean air to breathe, get out that spade…now!


Tree leaves reflect solar rays, store less heat than concrete and allow us to enjoy the outside world without the danger of overheating, or skin damage for both adults and children, cooling the air by up to about 10 degrees. They can shade our homes and can reduce the need for costly air conditioners by about 30%.

Think last summer’s heat…. choose your tree.


Research has shown that within minutes of being close to trees our blood pressure falls, as do our stress levels and heart rate.



The sound of bird song is precious, and you can have this in your garden …but you need a tree for birds to safely perch.

More calm…    

once planted water your new tree several times a week until it has established.

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