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How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

autumn leaves for winter

Autumn in your garden is all about picking up and packing down before the arrival of Winter. This is your opportunity to get rid of dead vegetation left over from the Summer, tidy your borders, clear out your gutters, and more. Here are our top tips to make the most of your Autumn garden. A little work now will be repaid come Spring!

Give your lawn a final trim
Grass will grow more slowly over the Winter months, but it won’t stop completely. Autumn often brings increased rainfall, and waterlogging will make mowing a challenge even before the winter frosts set in, so be on the lookout for a dry day to tick this one off the list. Now is also the time to give your lawn a feed with an Autumn lawn food. This will help strengthen the grass during cold and wet weather.

Clear debris
Whether it’s fallen fruit around a tree, or foliage from roses, now is the time to remove it. This will discourage disease and ensure that sunlight is getting through to the grass or plants below. Rake leaf litter from lawns and borders and clean up your vegetable garden. Make sure any leftover crops are removed and all weeds are cleared.

Bring vulnerable plants indoors
If you have tender or half-hardy plants in your garden, bring them under cover now to keep them safe from frosts. If bringing plants from outside into the home, don’t forget to check the compost carefully for insects and snails first.

Plant bulbs
Spring might seem far away now, but it’ll be here before you know it. So plant Spring-flowering bulbs now. September is the best time to plant them, but any time in Autumn is fine if you missed the early boat. Plant tulip bulbs in November once the soil has cooled down.

Store garden furniture
Left to the elements, sun umbrellas will become discoloured, and barbecues begin to rust. If you lack sufficient garden storage buy some protective covers or tarpaulin – they’re relatively cheap, and a definite investment. Plus it’s always a special moment when you take the covers off again on the first warm day of Spring!

Get unclogging
Increased rain plus fallen leaves can clog gutters and drains, so make a point of removing any built-up debris now to avoid trouble later. The weight of the debris can cause the gutter to pull away from the fascia board which also causes damage. Between water overflowing and the weight of debris, the wood behind your gutter can rot and cause serious leaks.

Repair fences
Get ready for Winter winds by taking stock of wooden fencing. Pay particular attention to fence posts – if you catch potential problems early enough, a simple fence post repair kit can save you the time and effort of replacing an entire panel following a Winter storm.

Now you can curl up inside with that cosy blanket and mug of hot chocolate. Nothing left to do but relax, safe in the knowledge that your garden is fully prepared for Autumn.

About the Author: Helen Say is a freelance copywriter and blogger

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