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Terms and Conditions

Word Gets Around Magazines Ltd

The following terms and conditions are provided to give all our customers full clarity to manage expectations and confirm our levels of service and commitment. Please read them carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

1.0 Booking in your adverts

On booking your adverts with Word Gets Around Magazines Ltd, we will send you either by email or post, an acknowledgement of your booking confirmation. You agree that your acceptance of these terms and conditions is implicit unless you advise us of your decision not to proceed by the copy deadline for the issue that your advert will appear in. A booking is for a minimum of two months, which is one bi-monthly issue.

2.0 Advert Design and Charges

If you are submitting your own design, then a copy of the advert must be with us before the copy deadline date. Your advert must be submitted in at least one of the following formats: JPEG, TIFF, or PDF. A minimum of 300dpi is required. It can be sent by email to [email protected]. Bleed advertisements must be designed inclusive of 3mm bleed, fonts must be embedded or converted to outlines.

We reserve the right to reject materials supplied for advertising if the quality or content does not meet our requirements for print. No responsibility can be taken for the print quality of any advert supplied at a lower resolution.

3.0 Delivery and Distribution

Our magazine is delivered by a local team. We do not deliver to every single letterbox in every single street in any given area. We do not cover certain flats or houses due to access, no footpaths, known dangers or simply where some areas/roads are less responsive to the adverts in our publications. The number of letterboxes we deliver to is a guide, and we always endeavour to over deliver from the numbers stated in our literature and website.

We also place many magazines in each area in libraries, post offices, health surgeries and coffee shops. This is a purely complimentary service and is not guaranteed.

4.0 Copyright

All adverts are accepted by Word Gets Around Magazines Ltd on the understanding that reprinting permission has been obtained. It is the advertiser’s responsibility to acquire any necessary copyright permissions for the use of any images, logos, photos, trade logos, clip art or any other content that is used in their advert/editorial/article/any other content.

We retain copyright of all artwork designed by us until all invoices have been settled in full. We will submit final copy of any artwork created by us for proof reading and approval. Thereafter the Client will accept full responsibility for the content.

5.0 Liability of errors

If you have requested that your advert is designed by us it is your responsibility to ensure that you give us the correct information about your business services and the details you want included in your advert, prior to our copy deadline date. Upon the advert design being completed by Word Gets Around, it will be sent to you for approval as a proof before the copy deadline date. It is extremely important to check your advert proof thoroughly and notify us of any changes. We cannot be responsible for any incorrect details that are supplied to us, to include up-to-date phone number and address as examples.

Advert changes can be made every two months and need to be submitted to us before the deadline date, otherwise we reserve the right to print a previously published advert, which has been previously approved.
Whilst every effort is made to minimise errors in adverts, mistakes can occasionally occur. Advertisers or their agents should therefore check their adverts and inform us of any errors immediately. Responsibility cannot be accepted for more than one incorrect insertion. Typographical or minor changes which do not affect the value of the advert do not qualify for republication.

6.0 Digital magazine

Our magazines are also published online with for no extra cost to you. They can be found at:

7.0 Payment Terms

Payment for advertisement space booked must be paid in full prior to this issue going to print. If payment is not received prior to the closing date your advert will not appear. We may have alternative arrangements with ongoing customers, who may pay us on a monthly basis.

With except direct debit payments vis GoCardLess, BACS, Cheque or by debit or credit card on request. We do not currently accept payments over the phone.

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

8.0 Advertising Rates

Word Gets Around Ltd reserves the right to increase prices at any time with immediate effect, and any price changes will be communicated to the advertiser in advance.

9.0 Guarantees

We cannot undertake to place adverts in a particular position in the magazine unless a premium price has been paid to reserve a particular position. For the best chance of success, we recommend that you see your campaign as longer-term. As readers and other organisations become familiar with your advert, they are more likely to remember you when they need a product or service.

Word Gets Around Magazines Ltd gives no guarantee of the level of response to adverts/editorial/articles etc.
Word Gets Around Magazines Ltd are unable to offer a refund if no responses are received.

10.0 Cancellation of Adverts

The responsibility for the cancellation of adverts within a qualified booking confirmation period is upon the business or persons who booked the advert. Word Gets Around Magazines Ltd must be contacted before the deadline date to cancel the advert for the following two months.

Where the advert is published without notice to cancel, the business or persons will be responsible for the new two monthly invoice.

If the business ceases trading and the advert is not cancelled, an invoice will still be raised for payment. If the proper notice has been received and an advertiser has paid in advance, a refund will be raised.

In the event that the advertiser cancels or does not conclude any series or multiple advertisements, the advertiser relinquishes the right to the discount or reduced rate that has been granted and the advertiser will be liable to pay the difference between the rate that has been charged and the rate that would have applied according to our published rate card.

If an advertiser cancels an order that includes discount for a booking longer than 2 months and/or includes free editorial space before the end of the contracted period the contract will be re-invoiced at the appropriate rate that would have applied if the booking had been made for the term already received. Eg if a six month contract that also has some free editorial is cancelled after only 2 months the contract will be re-invoiced at the rate appropriate for 2 months and the previously free space will be charged for at the 2 month rate.

Word Gets Around Magazines Ltd reserves the right to pass outstanding invoices to an appointed debt recovery service to act on our behalf. The advertiser will be responsible for any charges made by the debt recovery service provider and/or court costs.

Updated May 2023

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