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About Word Gets Around Magazine

Paul and Clive Smith Word Gets Around

Word Gets Around Magazine is owned by father and son, Clive and Paul Smith. 

Our A5 community magazines is delivered direct into homes in West Somerset on a bi-monthly basis.

We are very excited to announce the launch of this Word Gets Around Digital Magazine as an online extension to this already popular printed format.

There is no doubt that the world of print and the way we communicate has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Community magazines however are thriving across the country where quirk and character are valued over immediacy.

75% of our advertisers have been with us for over 5 years as they realise that an integrated advertising formula in both print and digital keeps their name out there, and reinforces the services they offer.

We want to do more for our readers and advertisers and help spread the word in print, and online. There is a real opportunity to promote our community, offer support, advice and have information all in one place.

Benefits of our online magazine:

  • There is a lot of content that we receive that we have been unable to share in the past, as we have been limited by the space available in a printed magazine, and with associated costs. 

  • Our content can be accessed from anywhere in the world on multiple devices. Readers can easily access articles, photos, and videos on the go, making it convenient to stay informed and entertained.

  • We can offer a wider range of content our printed magazine including health, business, entertainment, sports, culture, food, and lifestyle.

  • Our online magazine allows us to share up-to-date and relevant information about our community.

  • We can offer an opportunity for local writers and journalists to showcase their work and provide a unique perspective on the community.

  • More interactive. Readers can engage with our content by leaving comments, sharing articles on social media, or even submitting their own content for publication. This creates a sense of community and fosters engagement with readers.

  • Our online magazine offers a modern and convenient way to consume media and stay informed on a variety of topics. It is a versatile platform for us to connect with you and offer unique content in a digital format.

How we can help everyone


Our new website has articles listed by category so you can quickly access more of what you like to read. This includes a wider range of articles, more information, more features and it will be a more interactive experience. 

One of the worst things about most digital media platforms is that they are overrun with adverts. We want our website to offer a pleasurable reading experience so there will be limited adverts, which means a nice and clean article to read, without pops ups, irrelevant marketing adverts and endless promotions. We will ensure our advertisers are truly local, and are relevant to the associated content you choose to read.


We are looking to form partnerships with local businesses where we can extend upon our printed platform, by utilising digital tools in social media marketing and video. This offers flexible ways for businesses to promote themselves. 

With our new digital magazine we can link printed adverts direct to a website or a promotional video, to make it a more creative experience.


Do you run a local community group or organisation? Would you like help to tell more people about the good work you do? Or promote your services, events and ask for more help?

We want our digital magazine to be a community hub of information, so if you have a club or society please let us know with your contact details together with 200 words about your group and we will add you to our new website.

Our objective is to make our website full of information for our community. With your help this could be a ‘One stop shop’ for local walks, recommended places to eat and visit, numbers for local businesses, and events.

Do you have a short story you have written or a poetic prose? Perhaps you would like to mention someone who you think needs a little praise.

Help us to help you. We want to be a force for good, and do more for our community. 

Please get in touch by sending an email to: [email protected] 

Meet the team

We take an integrated approach and promote your business through Media, Digital Platforms, Design & Copy. Our small team of specialists understand that multiple channels working together create the best results.

Clive Smith Word Gets Around

Clive Smith - Editor

I’m officially retired, but I’m one of these people who can’t sit still. I’ve had several businesses in the past, as well as being employed, so I understand both sides of business. I do have a real passion for marketing. As father to Paul when he was a toddler we would push the trolley around Tesco and I would ask him why each washing power company would pick different colour boxes, and which one he thought worked. I think I must have planted a seed in his mind to grow his love of marketing philosophy too.

I have taken on many varied business challenges in the past but the principles remain the same. I started our magazine as I knew it would make a nice lifestyle opportunity to keep me occupied. After increasing the circulation and making many improvements it was at this point that my son Paul and I joined forces. We worked together to make further improvements and boost the circulation.

In 2019 we opened it up into West Somerset and over the years we built up a great following. We have had our tough times with Covid, and ever-increasing costs but we have overcome them all. It’s such a pleasure working with my son and we look forward to the future with new and exciting changes.

Paul Smith Word Gets Around

Paul Smith - Designer

I graduated from Swindon College (via Cranfield University) in 2003 with a First Class with Honours in Graphic Design. I then began my professional career back in Taunton, working for a local print company. This role allowed me to develop not only my design skills but more so in working with clients from the first point of contact, right through every stage of the process. This insight has proved invaluable over the years.

In February 2011 I launched my own design business in Word Gets Around, designing logos, design for print, digital marketing, and websites for both local, national and international clients. I also established a business networking group in Taunton to support the local business community, which further strengthened my relationships in the county.

In this time, I has also volunteered my time with nearly fifteen schools and colleges across Somerset and Devon. This has been with a mixture of lectures, workshops, seminars, careers days, and as a guest speaker.

I am an associate lecturer at Bridgwater & Taunton College. I provide an outside perspective, on current design trends, and helping the students to nurture their ideas. I have also delivered a number of lectures on branding and design at this time and was also graduation speaker for the college in October 2017.

I bring a perfect blend of skills, experience, knowledge, ideas, and attitude to inspire, lead and encourage the next generation, whilst growing a successful design and publishing business in Somerset.

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