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Taunton is a historic town located in Somerset, England. It is believed to have been settled in the 7th century by the Saxons, and played a role in the English Civil War during the 17th century. Taunton is known for its rich architectural heritage, with several historic buildings and landmarks such as the Taunton Castle, which dates back to the 12th century, and St. Mary’s Church, which features a striking 163-foot tower. Today, Taunton is a bustling town with a vibrant cultural scene and is home to a number of museums and galleries, including the Museum of Somerset and the Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre.

All articles are written by local historian Nick Chipchase.

Somerset Floods Taunton Somerset

Somerset Floods

During December 1929 much of the Taunton area was hit by heavy rain. Vivary Park and part of the town were flooded.

1917 Taunton Somerset


I expect quite a few of you have seen the film ‘1917’. This time around I thought I would use an image dating to 1917 with connections to the war in France.

Cheddon Road Isolation Hospital Taunton Somerset

Cheddon Road Isolation Hospital

As we are living in remarkable times I thought that I would look at some local historical parallels. This image shows the Isolation Hospital at Cheddon Road around 1925.

W C Fry Chemist Shop c 1912 Taunton Somerset

W.C. Fry Chemist Shop c 1912

Not the best of photographs but so rare and a recent addition to the archive. Mr. Fry was at 18 Fore St. from 1878 to around 1912.

Tauntons Spiller Webber Taunton Somerset

Taunton’s Spiller & Webber

The change in the retail sector started a good few years ago. Spiller and Webber became part of that change when they closed shortly after their centenary in 1990.

From Carriages to Cars Taunton Somerset

From Carriages to Cars

This image shows Trull post office around 1912. The wooden structure which served as the post office from c.1908 for many years was a study used by the vicar…

Trinity Hospital Taunton Somerset

Trinity Hospital, Taunton

The trouble with being an avid local postcard collector is the fear that by letting something pass you by you may never see it again.

‘Gassy Harris and Taunton Gas Taunton Somerset

‘Gassy’ Harris and Taunton Gas

This photograph shows Taunton gas works in 1950 seven years before closure and ultimate demolition. (and the site still remains largely undeveloped!)

Old Shops Bridge Street c 1890 Taunton Somerset

Old Shops, Bridge Street c 1890

The image is pre postcard and illustrates the end of an era. The time is coming when small shops like these are giving way to larger shops.

Fore Street c 1900 Taunton Somerset

Fore Street c 1900

This is perhaps the most photographed street in Taunton. It features The Devon and Somerset Stores. I can just remember ‘The Stores’.

Trull School c 1908 Taunton Somerset

Trull School c 1908

Four generations of my family attended Trull School so I have a mix of memories and history for you.

Funeral of Rev Askwith 1911 Taunton Somerset

Funeral of Rev Askwith 1911

Like many others I went to Askwith School in South Street. But back then I don’t suppose many of us knew why it was called that.

Tauntons Great Flood of 1889 Taunton Somerset

Taunton’s Great Flood of 1889

The heavy rains of Thursday night and Friday had flooded the Tone, and its banks began to overflow shortly before noon. Little danger was apprehended till evening.

Aviation At Taunton Taunton Somerset

Aviation At Taunton

This postcard was recently added to the collection. It is uncaptioned but produced by Taunton photographer Montague Cooper.

Fires in Taunton Somerset

Fires In Taunton

You rarely see devastating local fires today. Mainly thanks to an efficient fire service and safer building practices.

Tone Bridge c 1900 Taunton Somerset

Tone Bridge c 1900

I have edited and coloured this original image from my archive. I would say about 1900 because there are no tram lines in the road.

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