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Are white walls still in style?

Are white walls still in style

White walls are a classic look, but are they still fashionable? Over the past few years designers have turned to darker shades, jewel tones and eye-popping neon, but if you love your home’s pale palette, there are plenty of ways to keep this cool colour very contemporary.

Using a stark white can create a sterile environment, the shade you choose is important. There are numerous ‘hint of a tint’ whites to choose from, try one with warmer reddish or yellow undertones. Always consider the natural light of a room, how shadows fall throughout the day. Good lighting is essential, otherwise any blue tones will make your room feel cold and drab.

The paint finish is also important. Softer matt emulsion is more forgiving, allowing any minor imperfections to be covered easily. Shiny, gloss or eggshell finishes will reflect any defect in the wall, so only use these if you have new plaster or an immaculate surface. Always test any paint to see how it looks in sunlight and under artificial lamps or bulbs.

Deliberate use of texture adds a little definition. Use patterned wallpaper to create interest. This can be a single feature wall, or as a more delicate statement throughout an entire space. It also allows you to show off furniture that has a more simple shape or structure. The walls become a supporting element to whatever is within a room, rather than dominating the space.

Crown mouldings around the edge of a room will add depth and create more interest with shadow and light. These decorative elements have undergone a revival recently, adding an extra layer of opulence, they conceal any cracks or defects. Moulding also hides wires and cables, part of our modern lifestyle that we don’t need to have in plain sight.

As a feature wall, white can add dramatic effect to a bolder colour by providing a clean contrast that will make the colour pop. Alternatively, a completely white interior will provide a great backdrop for dramatic pieces of colourful artwork, ceramics or accessories. A wall of pictures or photos always looks great against a bleached surface. It is the classic choice of art galleries across the world, a blank canvas for your most striking centrepieces.

It can also create a simple backdrop for natural surfaces or more subtle works of art. Think of the current trend for the ‘Japandi’ look, a cross between nature inspired Japanese design and folksy Scandinavian décor. These themes look great against a warmer white background. The ‘Coastal’ trend also uses a lot of white against blues and greys to create a timeless seaside vibe. This look uses cooler tones and very occasional splashes of red to liven up the nautical feel.

It’s hard to think that white walls could every become unfashionable. A pale interior provides plenty of space to display the things you love which can make your home feel restful and relaxing, or very daring and glamourous.

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