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Dos and Don’ts of Home Décor

home decor less is more

A handy guide to the basics of decorating and styling your home
We’re used to seeing tons of “before and after” shots of home renovations, whether in magazines, on TV makeover shows, or on Pinterest or Instagram, and although it might look easy, a lot of thought and planning will have gone into making the space work.

Decorating your home can be a daunting business. Even if you’re a pro with a paintbrush or have an eye for vintage bargains, putting coherent schemes together can be anything from tricky to terrifying.

Decorating is all about the things you do; the colours you pick, the furniture you love, and the accents you choose to finish the space off with that perfect look. Decorating is also about the things that you don’t do (or more commonly that you do and then need to undo).

Here’s our list of top three “Dos” and three “Don’ts” when it comes to decorating your home

DO Think about how you use the space
While it’s nice to have a home that’s beautiful, it needs to be practical too. Think about how you use rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, whether you have children or pets, and whether you entertain a lot or prefer nights in with your family. This will help you make decisions and prioritise tasks.

DO Remember the mantra ‘less is more’
A few subtle accessories and accent pieces will be much more tasteful than trying to fill a room with things in the same colour or print. Once a room is starting to look cluttered, stop filling it up, or add some storage space to keep things neatly out of sight.

DO Make a budget
It’s easy to get carried away when you’re trying to decorate your home, especially if you’ve got guests coming or you’ve just moved in. Make a budget and stick to it, deciding which elements are most important and which things you can do without for the time being.

DON’T Choose the wall colour first
If you’re making over a whole room, never choose the wall colour first. Paint is available in thousands of colours and can easily be changed, as can wallpaper. Choose your most expensive pieces first such as furniture or floor coverings, then build a colour palette around them, mixing paint and wallpaper as you see fit.

DON’T Opt for style over comfort
There are a lot of exceptional looking items out there that look great but are uncomfortable to sit on or impractical to use. Always think about how you’re going to use the piece before you purchase it. Since most of us have spent a lot of time at home in the last couple of years, the current trend reflects our need for comfort and cosiness with a touch of elegance.

DON’T Stick to one colour
A colour theme is a good way to pull your home together and can run like a subtle thread throughout it. However, an entire room with matching walls, carpet and furnishings will not only make the space feel claustrophobic, it’s also a little old fashioned.

About the Author: Helen Say is a freelance copywriter and blogger

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