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Bedroom Trends Summer 2023

bedroom trends 2023

This year’s most significant bedroom trend can work with any sense of style, you just need to create a ‘retreat’. After a few years of being confined to quarters, we have come to value our bedroom space and the sanctuary that it can provide. Any kind of soothing environment is fashionable, and that can look very different from person to person.

The ’Japandi’ look takes the natural elegance of the Japanese aesthetic, sleek and functional, and adds modern Scandinavian design features. It’s all about neutral tones and natural materials that provide a minimalist look, yet remain welcoming and homely. This palette uses muted colours on walls and textiles, which compliments any bedroom with plenty of light. It’s all about different layers of texture, on the bed, on the floor and even on the walls. Bedding should be cool and comfortable for the summer, but with optional extra throws and covers, mix chunky knit blankets with plenty of soft pillows and covered cushions. Surround yourself with tactile, soothing textures, elements like stone, wood, terracotta and lush green plants, that can provide a grounding atmosphere which is very calming. It should all have a sense of snugness, that Scandinavian idea of ‘Hygge’.

bedroom and mirror

You may prefer to use colour to create a positive energy in your bedroom, or provide a dose of drama to awaken the senses. This could be one shade all over walls, or accents of colour on furniture, headboards or bedding. Rich colours can add depth, Pantone’s colour of 2023 is ‘Viva Magenta’ a vibrant, lively shade of pinkish-purple. It’s a synthetic blend of red and blue in equal parts, therefore a balance between warm and cool which might be perfect for summer and beyond. Dark teal and pale pink have been popular colour combinations in design magazines for the past few seasons. To compliment this colour scheme, your décor might be more glamourous, silky sheets or touches of art deco. Metallic finishes could be brushed gold, bronze or champagne to add warmth.

Another summer trend is the addition of tropical accents, everything from jungle palm prints to pineapples and flamingos. This look is kitsch and fun, and in terms of a ‘retreat’ it gives your bedroom the vivacious vibe of a well-deserved staycation. Don’t forget the cocktails! Surround yourself with things that appeal to all your senses and make you feel good, scented candles, colourful artwork and maybe even a tropical playlist.

Creating a retreat gives you an opportunity to escape from the real world and into the privacy of your bedroom. Relaxation is the aim, and personalisation is the key to success. Whether you choose subdued lighting or a reading lamp, blackout blinds or billowing curtains, this personal space is about whatever makes you feel good. 

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