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Kitchen Trends 2023

kitchen trends

A kitchen is the hub of every household, whether you’re a gourmet chef or a microwave meal kind of cook. If you’re renovating or just reinvigorating your kitchen, this year’s designer trends offer plenty of inspirational ideas to brighten your surroundings and freshen up the heart of your home.


Go bold or go natural, the choice is yours. The all-white kitchen is almost a thing of the past, but statement wallpaper or a splash of vivid paint is a way to achieve a modern look without breaking the bank. Wild prints and sassy colours will elevate plain cabinets and fittings. Kitchen islands have been updated by using contrasting paint, making them stand out against a simple backdrop.

Green and blue is in vogue as this year’s coolest colour combination. These two shades can create a darker workspace, but it works well if you have plenty of natural light. An entirely earthy green palette accentuates natural wood grain. Designers add plants, herbs and even small trees to create a calmer environment and an eco-friendly vibe.

Materials and Texture

The trend for this year seems to be about combining materials and textures. Wood, marble and metal use surface grain or patina as a feature, the complex pattern of walnut wood has been prominent. Slabs of textured stone have replaced the traditional tile backsplash and outdated the trend for tempered glass or steel panels behind the sink. Chunky metallic hardware on drawers and cupboards have become a feature, giving the nautical feel of a galley kitchen.

Designers have also started to mix their metals, nickel and chrome or copper and brass can add cool or warm undertones to light fittings. Recessed lighting has been replaced with statement pendant fittings, using shape and colour to stand out.

Mixing Japanese simplicity and the Scandinavian aesthetic has created a pared back, ‘Japandi’ look. Both styles create a feeling of calm and serenity. The combination of natural mineral colours, earthy tones, hand-crafted artisan pieces and soft furnishings, make this a minimalist style that is comfortable to live with.


For those with plenty of space, why not create a scullery? These small additional rooms have become an essential design feature for those who enjoy entertaining. A place to clean and polish the silver, or just hide the dirty dishes from guests.

If an extra room is out of the question, a pantry is the next best thing. Over the past few years designers have included a large cupboard, usually with double doors and lined with small shelves, to store dry goods and non-perishable items.

Drawers have replaced low cupboards, this creates much easier access under worktops. If you include a range of sizes in your design, this simple alternative can create storage for all manner of kitchen equipment.

After a few years of confinement, most of us have gained a new perspective on our homes and how we utilise space. A kitchen should be functional and easy to navigate, a comfortable space for all the family.

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