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The Best Ways to Dress Windows and Doors in 2023

Latest trends on Blinds Emma Russell 2023


Entrance doors give the first impressions of your home décor preferences. The latest trends indicate that metal doors are on the rise, but natural-grained wooden doors remain popular.

Internal doors painted in the same colour as the walls have become fashionable, creating the illusion of a hidden entrance. Latest designs show a change in size, with modern homes using doors that stretch from floor to ceiling, or have extra width.

Practical trends Improving energy efficiency

Windows and doors can be the biggest cause of heat loss in a home. With uncertainty over rising energy bills and concerns about increases in the cost of living, keeping your home warm has become an important factor in home décor.

Insulated blinds can help to keep heat within a room. Double pleated ‘duette’ or honeycomb blinds offer an extra layer of insulation by using an air pocket, just like a double-glazed window. This can help to keep warmth in, and noise out. If you live on a busy neighbourhood, this type of blind could help reduce the amount of sound disturbance in your home.

As houses become more ‘remote controlled’, smart blinds have become the gadget lovers window dressing of choice. These can be operated by using your mobile phone, ensuring privacy at all times. External blinds have also risen in popularity, giving a sharp outline to modern homes. These are considered a more eco-friendly option, as they allow more or less sunlight into your home and adjust the amount of shade according to internal temperatures.

Interior wooden ‘plantation’ shutters have been fashionable for some time, but wood grain has never coped well with window moisture and damp. Faux wood has reduced costs and improved durability, allowing you easy management of light and privacy at an affordable price, as well as providing an effective block from cold draughts.

Venetian blinds have risen in popularity since 2020, especially in a dark wood finish. Cheaper than traditional shutters but with the same control of privacy, these can be layered with curtains for a softer finish.

Colourful Curtains

Adding thermal liners to curtains can help improve your home’s energy efficiency, but your choice of plain, print or pattern can give your home a completely new look.

Heritage prints have been heavily featured, inspired by William Morris or Delft. Using a bold traditional design blends well in older properties, giving an elegant finish to plain coloured rooms. Matching cushions or lampshades add an extra layer of detail to your décor.

Green is very fashionable again this year, darker emerald tones that replace the sage greens of yesteryear. White remains a timeless classic, think billowing voile and sheer panels, giving a clean and soft aesthetic to any living space.

There’s an increase in the popularity of earthy tones, especially terracotta, due to the surge in popularity of Scandinavian and Japanese blends. The ‘Japandi’ look, with natural tones and materials, has become the biggest trend of 2023.

By Emma Russell

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