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Taunton Town Council Unveils New Logo

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In recognition of a new era, Councillors at the last Full Council meeting on 13th June 2023 formally adopted a brand new logo for the Town Council, which, whilst firmly rooting the Council to its sense of history and place, also offered the Council a unique design concept fit for the 21st Century.

With a Town Council for Taunton coming into existence for the first time in nearly 50 years in April, the Council swiftly undertook engagement over May at various events in the Town and over Social Media, asking for the public’s opinion on four possible logo corporate designs that would be used to represent the new town council. Two concepts in particular, proved especially popular.

The Peacock motif has had a long and historic association with the Town of Taunton and was derived from an ancient seal of the Borough believed to date from about 1180. It sits atop the historic Defendamus crest and is also the nickname of the Town’s Football Club. The modern design is in accordance with branding principles and will provide a unique and strong brand concept that will be applied across various mediums. The fourteen tailfeathers reflect the 14 wards/areas that make-up the town but together unite Taunton as a whole. The Council worked closely with its website designer, Aubergine 262, to secure design support for the logo at a fixed cost to the Council of £500.

The original Defendamus crest will still be used for the Mayor of Taunton and for civic ceremonies, but the new peacock design will be seen as the new corporate badge for the new Town Council.

Leader of Taunton Council, Cllr Tom Deakin said: “It was great to see a huge number of people from Taunton engage with us and to also hear the views of people when we were present at recent town centre events. Thank you to the community for their interest and feedback.”

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