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Is it time for a tweakment?

Is it time for a tweakment

From smoothing skin to lightening sun spots and tackling thread veins, today’s non-surgical treatments can work wonders…

Microneedling to smooth and tone

Microneedling involves pricking your skin with needles to stimulate collagen and elastin, which then help to smooth and tone your skin. If that sounds like something straight out of a horror film, be reassured that the needles are tiny. Microneedling can also reduce scarring, sun damage and pigmentation. You’ll normally need at least three treatments and won’t see results for six weeks.

Ouch factor: a topical anaesthetic will be applied before your treatment, so it should be uncomfortable rather than painful.

Cost: from £250 per session.

Ultherapy to lift and tighten sagging skin

Ultherapy uses ultrasound to boost collagen. This brings a range of benefits, including lifting, tightening, firming and smoothing skin. In other words, it’s a great all-rounder. Unlike the other treatments we’ve mentioned, the ultrasound penetrates deep into the tissue. Results last for up to a year, although some people might need top ups before then.

Ouch factor: your skin will feel hot and tingly, but only while the treatment is taking place.

Cost: from £1,800 per session.

A Hydrafacial to tackle sun damage and blocked pores

We do love a multi-tasker, and few are as good as a Hydrafacial. In one session, your skin will be deep cleansed and hydrated, pores will be unclogged, collagen will be stimulated, and so much more. It can help with everything from pigmentation to fine lines and acne. You should see an improvement after your first treatment, but monthly visits are recommended for best results.

Ouch factor: pain-free!

Cost: from £125 per session.

Laser therapy to reduce redness and thread veins

Laser works by ‘shutting off’ blood vessels. As a result, the problem veins eventually disappear. You’ll likely need at least six sessions for maximum results.

Ouch factor: the laser can feel a bit like a pin prick and your skin will feel quite warm. Depending on the type of laser used, your skin might be tender for a few days after treatment, and there could be some bruising.

Cost: from £150 per session.

Botox® to tackle wrinkles

Botox® involves injecting facial muscles with botulinum toxin. This relaxes the muscles, which in turn relax your wrinkles. The effect should last for three to four months. As well as reducing existing wrinkles, Botox may also help to keep new ones at bay.

Ouch factor: the needles are very thin, so it’ll probably hurt less than you might be expecting, but there will still be some discomfort.

Cost: from £150 per session.

Choosing the right practitioner

If you do decide to try a ‘tweakment’, make sure you go to a registered, qualified and insured practitioner. Book in for a consultation before your treatment and ask about risks and possible side effects.

Further info

You can find lots of information about different non-surgical procedures, choosing a practitioner and things to consider at

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