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Spring-clean your beauty routine

Spring clean your beauty routine

From unwanted presents to 2in1 shower gel, a lot of products can end up cluttering up our bathrooms. If your make-up bag is bursting at the seams and your cupboards are overflowing, it’s time for a spring clean. 

First off, lay a couple of old towels on the bed to protect it from crumbled eyeshadow and leaky bottles. Dig out all your cosmetics and toiletries. Yes, all of them. Sort everything into piles of similar products on the towels. Grab a box to use as a temporary bin.

Ditch any almost empty bottles that you’re unlikely to finish. 

Check the remaining products to make sure they haven’t gone off. Most toiletries and cosmetics only last for six to twelve months after opening although pump action will last longer, so check the little icon on the back of the bottle. Bin anything that has been open for too long. 

Reluctant to let go of something? Check whether it smells funny or if it’s changed in texture or colour. If it hasn’t, you might be able to use it for a bit longer than the label says. Be extra cautious of anything that’s going near your eyes or lips though, as products can carry bacteria, which could lead to a nasty eye infection or stomach upset. 

Look over what’s left. Is there anything you won’t use at all in the next six months? Get rid of it. 

Do you have any duplicates? If they serve different purposes, it’s fine to keep them. For example, you might want a volumising black mascara for nights out, and a more subtle one for daytime use. However, if there are multiples of one product that all do the same job, consider getting rid of some. 

Check each of your remaining cosmetics. Do you still like the colour and texture? (If you bought a blue eyeshadow for a 70s party and are unlikely to use it again, you really don’t need to hang on to it.)

Now go through your box of binned products. Unopened products under three years old are probably OK to pass onto a friend or drop off at a charity shop. Toiletries that have been opened in the last six months are also usually fine to give to a friend, but it’s best not to pass on things like mascara and lipstick. 

If you do need to bin anything, most packaging should be recyclable, but do empty out the contents first. While hard plastic containers usually can’t go in your recycling bin, they can be processed through the Recycle at Boots scheme, so pop them in a bag to drop off next time you go into town. 

Finally, it’s time to put everything that you’re keeping back in your bathroom. Before you do, take the opportunity to wipe down shelves and drawers, and handwash your cosmetics bag with a mild detergent. Leave the bag to dry before you refill it. 

And you’re done! Revel in the beauty of your uncluttered bathroom.

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