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Spring clean your make up bag

spring clean your make up bag

Give your beauty routine a boost by spring cleaning your make up bag.

You may be fastidious when it comes to your nightly cleansing beauty routine, but it’s easy to become complacent about your makeup bag.

All too often, these vessels can become a grimy hotbed for germs and bacteria, which then finds its way onto your skin. A simple clean and sort out every so often however, will help you achieve and maintain that gorgeous glow you covet.

Here are four simple ways you can keep your beauty regime buoyant:

Beautify your bag

From eyeshadow explosions to foundation leaks, it’s easy for the inside of your make up bag to become very dirty.

If it’s made from plastic, simply turn the bag inside out and give it a good wash with soap or shampoo. If it’s a cloth bag, put it through a machine wash on a low temperature setting.

Also, give all your products a wipe or rinse before placing them back inside the bag.

Boost your brushes

Get into the habit of cleaning your makeup brushes and applicators on a semi-regular basis. This is especially important if you find yourself prone to breakouts – the reality is these grubby tools may be contributing to your complexion woes.

Washing your brushes and sponges under the tap with a little shampoo and then leaving to air dry is very effective, but if you have expensive applicators you may want to invest in a dedicated cosmetic brush cleaner.

After all, an artist is only as good as their tools, right?!

Have a super spring update

When cleaning up your beauty act, it’s important to clear out any products that are past their date. If you’ve had any single product for over a year it is probably worth getting rid of it; this is especially true when it comes to mascaras and eye pencils that can harbour the bacteria that leads to eye infections.

Spring is also a great time to adapt your products towards the warmer weather. Consider perhaps a higher SPF foundation, a bronzer and some brighter lip and eye shades for the warmer months that lie ahead.

Get more eco-minded

Products that are packed with chemicals are not just bad for the environment, they aren’t good for your skin either.

Fortunately, many trusted beauty brands have made an effort to clean up their act, creating ranges of products that are more natural, haven’t been tested on animals, yet remain accessible and affordable.

It is also worth updating your cleansing accessories to those that are more eco-friendly. For example, disposable makeup removal wipes are neither cost effective nor ideal for efficiently removing grime. Instead, invest in a reusable pad or sponge that can shift the day’s makeup – some dedicated products only require water – and use a toner that comes in a spritz bottle rather than requiring a cotton pad. 


Simple changes can create a radical make-up revolution, and spring is by far the best time to kick this off.

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