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Health and Wellbeing

Our health and wellbeing articles are essential resources for individuals seeking to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health. These articles cover a wide range of topics related to health and wellness, including nutrition, exercise, mental health, and chronic illness management. They provide readers with insights and advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, prevent disease, and manage existing health conditions.

the village midwife

Shopping for your new arrival?

By Kate Olver, NHS Midwife and Taunton’s Village Midwife Hello! My name is Kate and I’m a NHS midwife living and working in Taunton.  There are so many options out

watching tv with hearing loss

Watching TV With Hearing Loss

Smart solutions for when you can’t hear the TV but everyone else canIf you have a problem with your hearing, even a mild one, everyday leisure activities such as watching

senior mobility

How to Boost Senior Mobility

There comes a point in everyone’s lives where we can no longer ‘get about’ like we used to. Whether we’ve been used to hopping in the car, walking down to

The Healing Power of Nature woods

The Healing Power of Nature

Research shows once again that people are influenced for the better by living close to trees and fields. Apparently, those people who live near a park have fewer cravings. This

glucose level

Glucose regulation

If you often feel fatigued or experience cravings, your blood glucose levels could be to blame. French biochemist, Jessie Inchauspé, discusses this in her book, Glucose Revolution. She says that

the fast fix

The fast fix

Are weight loss injections really a miraculous route to reducing body mass, or is this another false promise?   Towards the end of 2022 it was clear something was going

young woman who can sleep because her husband snores

Chill out, stand more, stop snoring

Distress to de-stress / And relax! Are you feeling the heat every day (despite the decidedly changeable April weather)? If you’re increasingly overwhelmed by juggling modern life’s many demands, then

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