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The time to act is now

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Sometimes we need to take stock. We need to remind ourselves why we must act ….

We hear so much about climate change, the articles, programmes and nightly news shots of the appalling fires, floods and severe weather conditions all over the world, it can be overwhelming……

Is there a danger that we might become almost oblivious to all of this as we rush about our busy lives, “what can we do about it anyway we think?”

Summer can be a time to think…

Sometimes we need to pause, TO REFLECT ON THE FACTS, and consider what we might do, and why we all need to act…… together!


Climate change is caused by humans releasing into our shared air, huge and increasing amounts of carbon dioxide (and other gases) through the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas).

TREES The cutting down of vast swathes of forest, releases even more carbon dioxide into our air. Trees when growing, extract carbon dioxide from the air, laying it down in their trunk, branches and roots, but when axed, all this stored carbon is released.

Further, with fewer trees on our planet, one main way of removing carbon dioxide from the air is lost.

More carbon dioxide in the air leads to more and more heating of the planet. The gas forms a heat retaining layer around the earth, keeping all the heat sealed into our atmosphere. This leads to extreme weather patterns, fires, heatwaves, and flooding.


Biodiversity loss is widespread. The heating of our planet makes survival hard for creatures who share our planet. Over 50% of insects on our planet have disappeared since 1970.

The loss of so much green space and hedgerow (that home so much wildlife), for new build, farmland or construction, deprives insects and animals of habitats. Spraying kills many beneficial insects and creatures.

We have given little thought when building or ploughing to the tiny creatures that keep the planet functioning.


The UK is now one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. This fact is a recognised scientific statement.

97% of our wildflower meadows, which feed our insects, have gone since the 1970s. The insects we need to produce much of our food are in serious decline. They have nowhere to go….!!! A good reason for verges to be allowed to grow wildflowers and provide corridors for insects to live.


Intensive agriculture leads to more use of chemicals, and artificial fertilisers which can damage all wildlife.  1/3 of all greenhouse gas emissions are the result of modern agriculture and of that …about half of this number is caused by animal agriculture.

We are not powerless….! Everything you say and do will influence others around you, encouraging them to follow your lead…. this summer think about what you might do at home, in your garden, and in your community…if we ALL act, we really CAN make a difference!

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