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The cars best suited to longer journeys

Longer Journeys Genesis

For many people, long-distance driving is a common occurrence. Be that for work or personal reasons, sometimes doing big miles is a part of daily life – and a car that’ll conquer big trips without breaking a sweat can make a real difference.

So here, we’re going to be looking at the cars that’ll take the backache out of long-distance journeys.

Longer Journeys Mercedes

Mercedes S-Class

We’re starting with a car that is famed for its comfort and refinement. The S-Class – which was recently revised – has always brought a sumptuous quality to driving and this latest version is no different. Thanks to air suspension and armchair-like seats, the S-Class is a car with which the hours will fly by – be that for passengers or drivers.

Longer Journeys BMW

BMW 8 Series

BMW has a fine history when it comes to making comfortable yet involving grand tourers and the 8 Series is a great extension of this. It’s superb to drive and will monster even the longest stints with no hesitation. There’s also an excellent diesel that, though not the most sporting of options, gives the 8 Series excellent long-range abilities.

Longer Journeys Skoda

Skoda Fabia

Cars don’t need to be large in order to be comfortable. The Fabia is a great example of this, packing big-car refinement into a compact set-up. It’s surprisingly spacious, too, while a range of efficient petrol and diesel engines means it’s not expensive to run, either. Skoda has also kitted the Fabia out with loads of features, ensuring that those long journeys remain as comfortable as possible.

Longer Journeys Citroen

Citroen C4

If you’re after all-out comfort then Citroen has historically been one of the best options. Its latest C4, despite its distinctive design, has kept this time-honoured tradition to heart, maintaining high levels of comfort and refinement. There’s also an electric version that, with its 217-mile range and rapid charging capabilities, isn’t just restricted to local drives.

Longer Journeys Peugeot

Peugeot 3008

Peugeot, much like Citroen, has many years’ worth of experience when it comes to creating cars that are comfortable over long distances. The new 3008 is no different, with well-sorted suspension combined with comfortable chairs in one refined package. Many drivers will appreciate the somewhat raised-up driving position it offers, too.

Longer Journeys Genesis

Genesis GV80

Genesis is a relative newcomer to the UK, but it has already seen great success in countries like America. The GV80 is a car infused with stateside appeal; it’s big, spacious and – importantly for this list – comfortable. The interior is particularly plush, while a silky straight-six diesel performs very well over long distances.

Longer Journeys Audi

Audi Q5

Audi’s extensive line-up of SUVs might mean it’s a little tricky to choose, but we’d still opt for the Q5 given the choice. A mainstay of the firm’s range for many years now, the Q5 is a great option for families or those who need a little extra space. But if you’re after the best possible ride comfort, don’t be tempted to opt for a Q5 on larger alloy wheels – they tend to upset the suspension somewhat.

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