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Free Somerset Mentoring

Free Somerset Mentoring

Somerset Council has launched an ambitious business mentoring programme to match the very best across the nation. 

Growing businesses need to evolve, change and sometimes renew, often in ways that are outside the experience of the founder. A good mentor has been there already and can help the business to strategize, challenge and inspire confidence. 

Their mentors have been selected from executive and senior management level business leaders or successful entrepreneurs. For example, our mentors include a former CEO of a top NASDAQ quoted company, a coffee roaster who now supplies 200 outlets, a soft drinks manufacturer who supplies major retailers at home and abroad, a senior transformation executive who has worked with UK and US quoted businesses, a multi-million pound NHS equipment supplier and a senior commercial lawyer, to name just a few! 

These mentors understand the challenges associated with running and growing a business and the value of impartial advice. They offer sector experience or a specialism in areas such as growth strategy, finance, marketing, product or service development, bid writing, acquisition, exit strategy, HR or e-commerce and much more! 

Could you benefit from fresh, experienced insight and a sounding board as you run and grow your business? They offer businesses over 1 year old, up to 6 hrs of free mentoring over a 6-month period

The Somerset Mentoring Programme is funded by the Business Rates Retention Scheme. 

Please email them at [email protected] with any questions.

A mentee application form can be downloaded below. 

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