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Curious cats

curious cats

Why does your feline friend like to sit in a box or bring you (unwelcome) gifts? There are some explanations!

Cat presents

Few owners are grateful for the gift of a dead mouse or bird posted through the cat flap. But it’s natural instinct for cats to hunt, and presenting their catch to you means you are part of their family and they want to boast of their success. There’s no point getting angry as they won’t understand it.

Cat in a box

Cats are instinctively attracted to small, enclosed spaces because they provide a sense of safety and security. They can feel protected and observe their surroundings without feeling threatened. The box is also warm, smooth and slightly padded. As far as a cat is concerned, what’s not to like?

Cat on top

As a natural hunter, climbing to high places allows a cat to survey their environment and assess potential threats. It is also a natural form of exercise for cats. It helps them maintain their balance, coordination and agility, which are important for hunting and self-defence.

No water thanks

Cats are descendants of desert-dwelling wild cats, and their ancestors did not need to swim or interact with water regularly. As a result, cats did not develop an affinity for water like some other animals, such as dogs. Furthermore, water can make their fur mat, hence making it difficult to groom, which, as a fastidious animal, can be uncomfortable.

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