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Animal allergies

Animal allergies

Just as we humans do, cats and dogs can develop allergies. This is where their immune system overreacts to a foreign material, such as pollen, dust, a specific food protein or an insect bite.

Allergy symptoms in animals are not the same as you see in humans. The most common symptom of an animal allergic reaction is itching of the skin called pruritus. This can be just in one area of their body or all over.

The severity of the pruritus can cause serious scabbing and infections on the skin as well as hair loss and increased skin pigmentation. Furthermore, some animals can show signs of respiratory distress such as coughing, sneezing, and wheezing.

Runny discharge from eyes and nose as well as swelling of the eyes can be seen in cats. Other possible symptoms from animals suffering from allergies include vomiting and diarrhoea.

Allergies are difficult to diagnose and as a pet owner, you should pay close attention to an animal’s behaviour and surroundings if you suspect it is suffering from an allergy, to see if you can determine the trigger.

Of course, any of the above symptoms could be something else entirely, and if it is an allergy, it could be food or an insect bites, rather than just seasonal pollen. Given that, it’s really important that you get a diagnosis from your vet rather than just guessing at the appropriate treatment.

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