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12 months of tech

12 months of tech

The major advancements in everyday tech we can expect over the next year.

The rate of technological advancement shows little sign of abating. We are in a rich period of innovation where developments that seemed impossible one or two years ago are now supercharging their way into the mainstream.


With that in mind then, here are six key trends that are set to dominate the tech industry over the next 12 months and, as a result, make our lives significantly easier, safer, healthier, or simply better informed.


1. Biotechnology

Gene editing technologies have recently opened up new possibilities in medicine and agriculture. In 2024, the anticipation is that the application of one of these, named CRISPR, which extends into gene therapies and genetically modified organisms, could play a crucial role in addressing food shortages and climate change by creating drought-resistant and high-yield crops.


2. AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has had an unprecedented level of advancement in 2023, moving from the domain of Silicon Valley tech-heads into the consumer mainstream.


The use of this in language processing, computer vision, and reinforcement learning is set to be at the pinnacle of advancements in 2024, with the technology looking to further its understanding and interaction with the world.


Industries such as healthcare, finance and manufacturing are expected to benefit most from improved AI-driven solutions, while new applications will emerge in areas like transportation and virtual reality.


3. 5G

The rollout of 5G networks will continue to expand in 2024, offering faster connectivity, reduced latency, and improved network capacity.


These advancements will further the idea of smart cities and autonomous vehicles, as well as laying the groundwork for 6G technology, promising even more dramatic improvements in communication and connectivity in the years to come.


4. Energy storage and renewable energy

As the world moves towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, advancements in energy storage and renewable energy technologies will be critical.


Over the coming months, we can expect significant progress in battery technology, with higher-capacity, faster-charging, and longer-lasting batteries becoming more commonplace. This will make electric vehicles more competitive, facilitating the large-scale adoption of renewable energy sources like solar and wind.


5. Quantum computing

Quantum computing is poised to revolutionise industries such as cryptography, optimisation and drug discovery. The next year should bring about significant progress in quantum technology as companies like IBM, Google, and Intel strive to build practical, large-scale quantum computers.


The effect on accelerating scientific discoveries could be mind-blowing, solving previously intractable problems.


6. Space exploration and colonisation

Space exploration is always noted as a gamechanger in ‘what to expect’ circles, yet as 2024 unfolds, the advancements of private companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin should push the boundaries of space travel to never-before seen places… literally.


We should expect more ambitious missions, including the possibility of humans returning to the Moon for the first time in over half a century.


For those who don’t make the 385,000km-mile trip, advances in satellite technology will enable more accurate Earth observation, improved global communication networks, and new scientific discoveries.


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  1. What are some notable examples of recent technological advancements that have rapidly entered the mainstream despite seeming impossible just a few years ago, and what implications does this rapid pace of innovation have for our society?

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